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To The Safety In Electrical Setup: Top 5 Tips To A Homeowner

Our homes and offices are vitally dependent on electricity. From the basic chores like cooking and lighting to more advanced ones like charging our vehicles. All these tasks are solely determined on making our lives better and comfortable. Our safety in electrical surroundings also carry huge significance as it can be hazardous if not cared for properly. The statistics show a surge in the number of people getting injured in numerous electrical accidents every year.

In a majority of cases, it occurs due to lack of proper safety protocols and precautionary measures. The homeowners are recommended to follow certain tips that will help with family’s safety. In this blog, we are going to discuss the key factors that you need to keep in mind. So, without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

Fire Extinguishers Must Be Available

Among all the other essentials, we often tend to forget about the fire extinguishers. The thumb rule that you should always abide by is never pour water directly on the fire from electrical items. We highly recommend having a fire extinguisher within your reach. A majority of the accidents are deadly due to the lack of proper management.

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Follow Proper Instructions

Every electric appliance comes with a detailed set of instructions to operate. If you are following the instructions in chronological order, the chances of any accident will drop significantly. There are various products where you’ll separately get the Safety in Electrical Installation guide to follow to keep yourself and the surroundings safe from any hazard.

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Don’t Overload A Socket

There are high chances that you have plugged multiple things into a single socket using multi-pin plugs. It forces an extra load on the capacity of the socket and it will increase the chances of any accident. If you have a plethora of devices and appliances, MotoWinn highly recommends installing multiple outlets for them. You should also avoid using the extension cord for an extensive period.

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Keep The Water Away

All the electrical items must be kept far away from the reach of water unless they are IP certified. The water supply should be kept away from the areas where the electrical appliances are installed. The electrocution can occur even from a chipped wire that has lost its insulative coating. We also highly recommend hiring an electrician to get the house wiring checked.

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Always Wear Gloves/Proper Insulation

The gloves that are available in the market are equipped with multiple coatings to protect you from any shock. Not only the gloves, you will also require boots to avoid the surge. A proper protection guard will not only help you in completing the project efficiently, but it will also keep everything organized.



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In conclusion, you must keep yourself aware of the electrical appliances in the space. We are hopeful that these tips must have been helpful to you when it comes to prioritizing safety in electrical setups. Make sure that you are using the certified surge protectors along with the uninterrupted power supplies.

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