Check Your House Wiring Faults Today: Top 5 Signs

Among all the accidents globally, fire remains in the top 5 positions. There are numerous instances where fire became the primary cause behind a tragedy. It can be caused by a plethora of reasons, however, statistics indicate there are more than 50,000 fire-related accidents that are the results of faulty house wiring. When you’re building a home, wiring becomes quite a crucial aspect and you can’t just adapt any makeshift method to get things done. 

It is also not a one-time thing, you will constantly need to keep an eye on any irregularity. The wiring would play a key role in even distribution of the power to all the appliances. After a long usage, a number of faults start popping up and it’s crucial for you to pay attention to certain signs that will help you avert any tragedy. The aging of the wires is one of the primary reasons behind electrical failures. Other potential factors are poor installation, circuit overload, rodents, moisture, etc.

In this blog, we are jotting down the top 5 possible signs where you should consider revisiting the electrical systems. 

Using Extension Cords

Have you ever thought why all the wires are running through either pipes or behind walls? The reason behind this is the fact that the electrical system requires proper ventilation to work properly. Adding extension cords for a prolonged period will have a high chance of tripping the circuit or damage the outlet. It must be only used occasionally. The more undisturbed the wiring will be, the longer it will work smoothly.

Dim Lights

The lighting equipment uses much lesser power and there are minimal chances of flickering or dimming caused by the fixture itself. The issue behind such an issue is generally a heavy appliance being used on the same circuit. MotoWinn highly recommends consulting a professional to connect heavy appliances to different circuits. Allotting a dedicated circuit for such appliances is a much better alternative.

Sparking/Hot Sockets

The power outlet to which the appliances are connected should not get warm no matter how heavy the device is. The socket that you are using should have the appropriate amperage to handle the power requirement of the appliance. The switch plate can get a bit warm, however, uncomfortable temperature should be immediately checked and you must get a professional to scrutinize your whole house wiring setup.

Constant Buzz

There is absolutely no sound of electricity audible to you when it is working efficiently. However, in case of a loose wire or faulty socket, the current will start to jump and this informality will create a buzzing sound. There are high chances that the sound is coming through a socket and you must stop using it for any sort of you. It will end up bricking the device.

Use GFCI Outlets

We highly recommend using the appropriate set of sockets. The spaces like kitchen and bathroom where water supply is also running simultaneously, it’s essential for you to go for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. These sockets will offer you an added layer of protection from any unwanted surge or interruption.
These are the few tips that we believe a homeowner must apply to keep the property safe from any accident through the house wiring. All you need to do is pay close attention to any irregularity and you’re good to go.