Focus On Study

4 Tips on How To Focus On Study: A Simple Guide

If you are looking for career advancement, a dedicated study routine will be the crucial part. There are times when you search specifically how to concentrate on study, we understand it can be quite challenging. For a majority of people, studying in a particular time frame can be highly monotonous and the lack of focus will further be a demotivating factor. We are living in a world where distractions are in high influx and among all the influencers, social media is the biggest culprit. No matter whether you are still in your academics or trying to upskill in your professional life, learning is a never ending process. 

There is nothing to worry about, the MotoWinn team is here to help you. There are numerous strategies that are out there curated by the health and psychology experts that can be implemented in our daily routines. The key aspect that you can start with is to create a detailed schedule and set up a reward system upon completing a milestone. In this blog, we are going to share the top 10 tips that will help with concentration and focus. These tips are curated to get better results in terms of time management, retaining the learnings, and more. Let’s get started.


A Quiet Space

Chaos will definitely be the biggest hurdle in maintaining focus. If you have set up your study area in the living room, there are high chances one thing or other will end up distracting you every couple of minutes. You should dedicate a corner space where you get minimal distractions and can concentrate for a longer time. 

Comfortable Chair/Desk

While you are looking for how to focus on study, you might be missing something crucial. Your comfort. The chair that you are using should be able to help you with maintaining a good posture along with eliminating all the irritations of sitting for long hours. If you are able to keep your mind at ease by providing a comfortable sitting position, you will be able to concentrate better. 

Pomodoro Technique

Breaking it into simple words, it’s a time management technique that has proved to be highly effective among the masses. The theory says the person should study for an uninterrupted 25 minutes and once the timer hits, take a break of 5 to 10 minutes. The 25 minute focused study and 5 minute break should be repeated 4 times and then a longer break of 30 minutes as a reward proved to be the most efficient way to concentrate. It will also help in getting done with one task at a time.

Proper Sleep

One of the most crucial aspects for the body to perform at its utmost level is to offer it enough sleep. There are various factors that are directly impacted by lack of sleep such as memory, cognitive function, attention span, etc. If you are trying to answer how to focus on study, a 7-8 hours of sleep is highly recommended. 

Final thoughts

Finding the right habits and implementing tactical strategies will significantly boost productivity and efficiency. The key factor responsible for helping you with better concentration is a calm and composed mindset. Apart from the tips that we have discussed above, the lighting should also be on point. We highly recommend getting the efficient and premium lighting system from MotoWinn for your space. We hope that the short guide on how to concentrate on study would have been helpful to you in getting better results.