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Upcoming Gadgets

The technology around us is growing at a rapid pace with us witnessing new gadgets and innovative tech news on a daily basis. Our lives are highly dependent on a variety of tools and gadgets that are there to help us lead an easier life. In the last decade, smartphones have completely taken over a huge chunk of manual chores and now, we are headed towards artificial intelligence that will further bring a significant transformation in our lifestyle. 

For a person who is not very enthusiastic about the tech developments, it can become quite hard to follow the innovations. In this blog, we are going to discuss the latest developments that you must keep yourself updated with. The technologies that we are going to jot down here are quite significant compared to their conventional counterparts. The experts are confident that these developments will be determining factors in shaping the future. Let’s get started.

 Introduction to 5G

5G is going to completely revolutionize the way we use and connect to the internet. When it comes to implication, there are various sectors such as IoT, live streaming, using AR & VR, gaming, and much more. The tech will enable us to get much faster speeds paired with minimal latency. However, it is still in its development phase and the government needs to work extensively on the infrastructure and availability.

Use of AI Tools

It seems like the world is being taken over by artificial intelligence. With a range of new gadgets coming equipped with AI, we are able to integrate smart home devices in our space. The devices are able to perform a range of tasks through voice commands or basic automation scheduling. A few big players like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have a range of products integrated with AI tech. There are also chat bots being developed by brands like Google and Microsoft that will help us with research purposes.

Foldable Smartphones

On a macro level, folding tech is the latest dandy development in the Smartphone level. As a conventional smartphone comes with a fixed screen real estate for all the tasks, folding mechanism allows users to get more space based on the task. For instance, media consumption can be a common task where everyone needs more screen compared to texting and calling.

Smart Wearables

Our schedules aren’t offering us to get into a healthy routine where we can workout and keep our body fit. The smart wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers help us in tracking our statistics. The gadgets offer a range of real time updates such as heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, blood-oxygen monitoring, menstrual tracking, and more.

Self-driving Vehicles

Equipped with high-end sensors and top-notch software, brands like Tesla are working big on such projects. The software is crucially optimized with the hardware so that the vehicle can drive through a set path and tackle all the obstructions. A few other players such as Uber and Waymo are also aiming towards transportation efficiency through the introduction of their own self-driving vehicles..

Wrapping it up…

The new gadgets that are introduced these days are a few examples of what the future technology holds. Our way of living and communication has a huge impact with these latest tech news. MotoWinn has also enlisted a range of electrical products such as smart water purifiers and water heaters that can be easily integrated with your existing smart home setup.