The Hidden Jackpot:
Tips To Make Money From Home Using Ecommerce

Our shopping psychology has witnessed a revolutionary change in the last decade. A number of business houses are also expanding their operations through ecommerce. If we look at the conventional way of marketing, entrepreneurs have to opt for newspapers, billboards, leaflets, and more. In this blog, we are looking at a glance on certain tips to make money from home. Thanks to the online marketplaces such as Flipkart, BigBasket, etc., marketing has become a lot more audience oriented.  The brands and business owners are able to use tools like email marketing, social media, search engines, etc. to precisely reach their target audience. In the post pandemic era, people are looking for ways to create a separate source of income and we are here to help you brainstorm. For starters, it can be anything from selling a product to offering a service such as consultancy or skill development courses. Let’s dive into a few tips our team has curated just for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Everyone has an online presence and if you have a follower base, affiliate marketing is the best tool to earn money. Here, you are not required to sell your own service or product. All you need is to promote others’ products using creative methods and the platform will award you a commission on each sale. The most popular marketing tools available in the market are Amazon Associate and ShareASale.  A tip that we would like to add here is when you are choosing the product range, it should be in sync with the niche of your follower base. Furthermore, you can also connect with the brands to get special discounts for your followers to get better engagement.

Online Coaching

Students are looking for a variety of skill development sessions and it’s the best opportunity you can grab. Pick a subject and prepare a detailed curriculum for the batch you are going to enroll in. For these courses, you can use any of the virtual meeting platforms available on the internet or simply sign up on any of the ed-tech platforms as a trainer.


If you are not able to invest a huge amount, this model will perfectly suit you. You will directly connect with the supplier and it will allow you to maintain no inventory and deliver the product without any hassle. You will be a connection between the supplier and your audience who will purchase the product based on your goodwill. There is one thing that you need to consider, the profit margins are quite low.  MotoWinn deals in wholesale and retail orders and we are currently working with multiple clients who are connected with us through this business model.


Another successful model that we highly recommend to all the small entrepreneurs is print-on-demand service. There are various products such as t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers, etc. that people want to customize. This business can also successfully operate on the drop-shipping model. All you need to do is find the right supplier, and put into your creativity.In conclusion, ecommerce provides a world of opportunities for those looking to make money from home. The Internet offers you a wide range of strategies and opportunities for the business to grow and diversify, all thanks to numerous ecommerce platforms. These platforms come with a potential to connect you with lakhs of customers in a simple click.